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Our Baby Basics Program Training is Now Virtual!

As part of WTEP’s continuing efforts to support mothers everywhere during these challenging times, WTEP held its first virtual training in September. The next Baby Basics Program Virtual Training is currently being scheduled for Spring 2021. If you are a healthcare professional, community worker, doula, managed care case manager, health educator, or anyone who works with pregnant moms, this training is for you!

To sign up or inquire about future virtual Baby Basics trainings click the button below.

Baby Basics: one program, hundreds of thousands of stronger moms and babies

Baby Basics helps put everyone “on the same page”—from physician and staff, to patient and families—and strengthens the delivery of prenatal care, education, and support to vulnerable populations. First, we created a book, Baby Basics:Your Month By Month Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy, designed specifically to provide lower-income and lower-literacy populations with crucial prenatal health information and support. It has since grown from a book, to a program, to an overall healthcare philosophy.  Baby Basics is evidence-based—revolutionizing the prenatal experience and outcomes for families in need—one clinic, one mom, one baby at a time.

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Baby Basics: THE BOOK

Every pregnant mom wants to do what's best for her baby. With Baby Basics, mothers receive a comprehensive, beautiful and compassionate pregnancy guide filled with stories and photographs that she (and the baby's dad) can relate to. It may be the first book she's ever wanted to read—or the first she's ever owned.

Baby Basics: Your Month by Month Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy is:

Comprehensive. Covering everything from applying for Medicaid to the stages of labor, the book covers ALL the issues facing low-income pregnant women in a frank, nurturing and compassionate manner. More than a list of do’s and don'ts, the curriculum explains the whys and hows of prenatal care.

It is an enjoyable book parents want to read, with a sense of humor, and stories from real moms.

Health education. 
Baby Basics is written in an accessible, easy to understand, and engaging manner for all readers. The book is also full of interesting, educational, and real-life anecdotes.

Extensively researched. 
Peer educators, doctors, The March of Dimes, and thousands of moms helped build, tinker with, write, and rewrite this book.

Culturally diverse. 
From third generation Latinas in New York to isolated moms in Appalachia, to American Indians in the reservations of South Dakota, moms across the country agree that “this book was written for me.”

Baby Basics: THE PLANNER

The Baby Basics Planner is an interactive counterpart to the book, and an invaluable tool to help new moms become totally involved in their prenatal care.

The Planner includes:

  • Appointment planners and care trackers
  • Discussion topics and questions to ask, plus room for writing more
  • A personal, portable, medical records tool
  • Resource center phone numbers and locations
  • Case management record pages (a health form and prenatal tests)

And more!

Available in 14 languages (each laid out the exact same way so it's a great translation tool, too).

Baby Basics: THE POSTERS

Welcome Poster (24"x36")

Tell moms that Baby Basics is spoken here with a “Welcome To You and Your Baby”poster. This colorful sign will liven up any waiting room, or use it to mark the path to your prenatal clinic.

Index Poster (18"x24")

Put this magnified version of the Baby Basics book's index in your office, exam room, waiting room—anywhere you need quick reference to the topics in the book.


Baby Basics Program: TRAINING

The goals of the Baby Basics Program are:

  • TO PROVIDE underserved families prenatal materials that are not only beautiful, comprehensive and easy to read, but also serve as a catalyst for learning and family literacy
  • TO EMPOWER, engage and educate underserved parents so that they become effective users of the healthcare system and can advocate for themselves and their families
  • TO TEACH healthcare providers and educators how to use health literacy and cultural competency tools and strategies to improve patient communication and compliance
  • TO BUILD community initiatives so families receive integrated, coordinated prenatal and parenting messages


If you work with pregnant moms, in any capacity – from nurse to social worker, from case manager to health educator, from doctor to Medicaid managed care, and everyone in between -- then the Baby Basics Health Literacy and Education Training will teach you how to deepen the impact of your Baby Basics investment by helping moms learn life-long health literacy skills and providing strategies for overcoming many of the obstacles that underserved moms face. Pregnancy is a teachable moment for the entire family’s health and well-being and Baby Basics provides a solid foundation on which to grow. We take Baby Basics out of the book and into moms’ lives.

The Baby Basics Training teaches:
  • What health literacy is and why it is important in prenatal care.
  • Literacy strategies to teach health information to moms.
  • Best Practices for integrating the book, planner, and curriculum into existing practices.
  • How to use the Moms Clubs Prenatal Health Education Curriculum during one-on-one home visits.
  • Group education strategies.
  • Implementation strategies for incorporating Baby Basics tools, framework, and evaluation into current prenatal programs.
  • How to build community initiatives using Baby Basics strategies.

The Baby Basics materials and training have been extensively evaluated and are evidence-based. Those who participate in training can also earn CEUs for CME, CNE, CHES, and CSW. The Healthy Start EPIC Center has given the Baby Basics Program a Level III rating for Evidence-Based Practices ­­(recommended protocols and practices based on expert consensus).


The Baby Basics Moms Club Curriculum is a health education curriculum that is designed to be used in both One-on-One and Group settings. It contains 24 activities with English & Spanish handouts and meets all ACOG prenatal standards.

The curriculum provides modules and activities to combine prenatal health education with health literacy skills so educators have real tools to support women during pregnancy in engaging with care providers, asking questions, looking up health information, and learning important vocabulary words, while learning to use books and other sources to actively find information, navigate the health system, and engage in their care. The Baby Basics Program’s Moms Club Curriculum has been fully integrated into existing programs such as Healthy Families, Nurse-Family Partnership, Healthy Start, Head Start, Parents as Teachers, and many other Home Visiting, Group, and Patient-Centered Care Models.

Health care providers can obtain the curriculum through attending the Baby Basics Program Training. It is not available for purchase.

Our new Telehealth Moms Club Curriculum will be available soon and the best practices and strategies for using it will be incorporated in all Training moving forward.

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