What To Expect Project

Getting involved in advocacy to advance issues of priority to our country and globally is a right and a privilege exercised by few American citizens.

The public policy challenges that our society faces are very complex. And understanding and resolving these challenges require the best available information to analyze issues, clarify concerns, and identify possible solutions.

Members of Congress and their offices receive million of letters, emails and phone calls every year. And while public policy processes and politics can be discouraging from taking action on issues that matter to us, members of Congress do want to know what is important to YOU, their constituents.

Driven by the vision that all expecting moms - in the U.S. and globally – must receive the vital, science-based information and the compassionate, culturally and linguistically-appropriate, and community specific support needed to have a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery, WTEP advocates for increased U.S. and global resources, advances sound public policy proposals to help the most vulnerable moms, and works to advance evidence-based health information to support, educate, and empower moms in needs everywhere so they can expect healthier pregnancies, safer deliveries, healthier babies, and healthier futures.

Let's work together to make this a reality.