What To Expect Project

Every mom wants the best for herself and for her family.  How can you help make that goal a reality? #MomTheVote.

Throughout this election season, the What to Expect Project will use the hashtag #MomTheVote to inspire and energize every mom to use the power of her voice to make a difference. We’ll break down issues and policies that impact the health, safety, security and economic wellbeing of you and your kids — now, and in the future — including health care, child care and paid family leave.

Our goals: To empower you to speak up on issues and vote for candidates who vote for you and your family. To focus on positive change instead of negative partisanship. To clear up confusion and sort out facts. And finally, to make voting as easy and accessible as possible.

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*Resources and information do not represent endorsements by the What To Expect Project.