Sophia Pérez

Maternal and Child Health Fellow

Sophia Pérez is a Maternal and Child Health Fellow through the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs. In collaboration with other team members, Sophia will research and assess health behaviors and barriers to care with the goal of developing effective interventions and informing policy.

Sophia has a wide range of professional experiences which contribute to her work with WTEP. Involvement in skill-building with underprivileged children, minimizing the impact of grief in long-term care homes across Georgia, community organizing, and teaching little ones trapeze all attest to Sophia's passion for helping others. This passion will certainly be expressed in her work at WTEP. Sophia's other relevant skills are data processing, coding, and analysis as well as intervention development and implementation. With exceptional training and even more heart,  Sophia uses an evidence-based approach to enhance the well-being of the populations she serves. 

Sophia chose public health as a career to make a positive impact on the world and her community. It is her strongly held belief that there is no better place to make such an impact than the very beginning of life. Working either directly or indirectly to support mothers and families before, during, and after pregnancy is, in Sophia's opinion, the most critically important way to enhance future population health.

Sophia studied at the University of Georgia where she earned her Bachelor of Social Work. She used a strength-based approach with a macro focus to support families. Currently, Sophia is pursuing a Master of Public Health in Health Promotion and Behavior from the University of Georgia. With this degree, she hopes to work in the maternal and child health field to support families in increasing their quality of life.