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 #BumpDay: What to Expect Project

This July 20th, we will celebrate our 8th annual #BumpDay – a social media advocacy campaign that celebrates healthy pregnancies while raising urgently-needed awareness about maternal deaths and the need for better, more accessible maternal health care. Our goal: to ensure that every mom receives the care and support they need to deliver a healthy start in life and a healthy future for themselves and the baby they love. Last year, WTEP worked with members of Congress to pass a bipartisan resolution commemorating the ideals of #BumpDay and reaffirming the United States’ leadership to end preventable maternal deaths in the United States and across the globe.

Bipartisan Resolution Recognizing Bump Day

We are proud to work together with Democrats and Republicans in both chambers in support of the #BumpDay Congressional Resolution — dedicated to raising awareness about and inspiring action to address the urgent need for better, more equitable, more respectful and responsive care for every mom, everywhere. No exceptions, no disparities.