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  • Reach Every Mother and Child Act

    Constituent request in support of the Reach Every Mother and Child Act - to end preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths globally.

    As a constituent and someone who cares deeply about the health and wellbeing of moms around the world and the babies they love, as I know you do, I am writing to urge you to co-sponsor S.1451, the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Susan Collins and Chris Coons to strengthen the United States’ efforts to end preventable deaths of mothers, newborns, and young children in the developing world by 2030.

    As you may know, nearly 300,000 women die annually from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, a significant proportion of deaths for children under age five occur in the first 28 days of birth, with newborns accounting for nearly 50 percent of all under-five deaths. Every one of those babies lost could be our own, every one of their moms could be our sister, our daughter, our friend, our partner.

    The Reach Every Mother and Child Act would implement evidence-based interventions to help moms have healthier pregnancies, safer births, and healthier babies with healthier futures. This legislation would establish a vital collaborative effort between the U.S. and community members overseas to implement life-saving strategies.

    Specifically, the proposal aims to help reach more at-risk mothers and children by a) implementing a strategy focused on bringing to scale the highest impact, evidence-based interventions, with a focus on country and community ownership; b) establishing a Maternal and Child Survival Coordinator at USAID who would focus on implementing the strategy and verifying that the most effective interventions are scaled up in target countries; c) improving government efficiency across several agencies that would collaborate with the Coordinator to identify and promote the most effective interventions to end preventable maternal and child deaths globally; d) promoting transparency and greater accountability; and e) requiring detailed public reporting on progress toward implementing the strategy.

    These are just some of the reasons why I urge you to co-sponsor S.1451. To co-sponsor this legislation, please contact Mike Wakefield in Senator Collins’ office at mike_wakefield@collins.senate.gov and Carter Thompson in Senator Coons’ office at carter_thompson@coons.senate.gov.

    Thank you for your consideration of my request, made on behalf of all moms around the world.


    (Your first and last name)

  • MOMMA’s Act

    Constituent request in support of the MOMMA’s Act – to improve Federal efforts with respect to the prevention of maternal mortality.

    As a constituent and someone who cares deeply about the health and wellbeing of pregnant and new moms and the babies they love, I am writing to urge you to co-sponsor S.411, the MOMMA’s Act, introduced by Senators Richard Durbin and Tammy Duckworth. This legislation takes aim at America’s unacceptably high and currently rising maternal mortality rate by improving maternal healthcare for all moms, helping hospitals and healthcare providers implement clinically proven maternal care best practices, and ending healthcare disparities so that every mom receives the care she needs to deliver a healthy beginning and healthy future to herself and the baby she loves.

    The risks of a mom dying during pregnancy or in the first year of her baby’s life are greater in the U.S. than in any other developed nation – and the risks are 2-4 times greater for Black moms, Indigenous and rural moms. The pandemic has caused these risks – and the disparities in care that are responsible for these increased risks – to surge. Nearly 2/3 of those deaths are preventable with responsive, respectful high-quality care, and 1/3 occur after the first 6 weeks postpartum, when too many moms receive the last doctor’s appointment they will have until they become pregnant again. With more than half of new moms covered by Medicaid, the MOMMA’s Act could significantly improve these health outcomes. It will also lower healthcare costs by reducing long-term, sometimes life-long care for serious complications of pregnancy and childbirth that go undiagnosed and untreated. Plus, I’m sure you agree: Healthy moms and babies…priceless.

    It is for these reasons that I urge you to co-sponsor S.411. To co-sponsor this legislation, please contact Jessica McNiece in Senator Durbin’s office at jessica_mcniece@durbin.senate.gov and Stephanie Deluca in Senator Duckworth’s office at stephanie_deluca@duckworth.senate.gov.

    Thank you for your consideration of my request, on behalf of moms everywhere.

    (Your first and last name)

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