#MomTheVote is a social media campaign to inspire and energize every mom in the U.S. to use the power of her vote to make a difference in her life, her family’s life, her community, and the world her children will grow up in.

Every mom wants the best for herself and for her family

Throughout this election season, the What to Expect Project will use the hashtag #MomTheVote to inspire and energize every mom to use the power of her voice to make a difference. We’ll break down issues and policies that impact the health, safety, security and economic wellbeing of you and your kids — now, and in the future — including health care, child care and paid family leave.

  • #MomTheVote is about encouraging our fellow moms to vote
  • not telling them who to vote for (or against)


How do we help make this goal a reality?

  • Enable

    To empower you to speak up on issues and vote for candidates 
who vote for you and your family.

  • Centralize

    To focus on positive change instead of negative partisanship.

  • Streamline

    Make voting as easy and accessible as possible.

  • Clarify

    To clear up confusion and sort 
out facts.

Knowledge is power. Voting is power. Having the knowledge to make informed voting decisions is more powerful still.

Heidi Murkoff, Founder

Hope through action. Hope through advocacy. Hope through the vote.

Throughout this election season and beyond, join us in using the hashtag #MomTheVote to spread the word about the importance 
of voting — because the power of your vote can make your life happier, healthier, less stressful and more secure.

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The United States is the only wealthy nation with no federal paid family leave policy. As a result, nearly a quarter of moms in the U.S. return to work within two weeks of childbirth — which we all know is far too soon.⁠ No mom or family should be forced (because of economic or job insecurity) to go back to work before she has recovered from pregnancy and childbirth.⁠

@potus originally included 12 weeks of paid family leave in his #BuildBackBetter plan, but it's been reduced to four weeks, and even that amount is uncertain. Let’s do something about. #MomtheVote

Contact your elected officials TODAY and urge them to #SavePaidLeave to #BuildBackBetter.

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Make your vote your voice...

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We, the Jack and Jill of America, Inc. South Suburban Chicago Chapter are always ready to carry out the business of Jack and Jill and make an impact on the lives of our children and all children. We are all "Bosses" in the best sense of the word.

Special Thank you to Chair Tina Halliman, Program Director Alison Wright, Nikki Wilson, Latoya Donald-Pickett, Jannet LaPlanche, Ingrid Price for all of your work and great planning!

We’re so happy with all of your efforts. Leaving us more room for all to "work," "play," and "live together." Long live Jack and Jill! 💙💗💙💗 #QueensoftheSouth #jjoa #jjmwr #jjsscc #JJSSCCQueensoftheSouth #thejjssccway #fivestarchapter💙💗 #jjsscclevelup

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More than 120 nations provide paid family leave — but the U.S. isn’t one of them, despite all of the overwhelming proven benefits for both babies and parents. Without the guarantee of a paycheck, many moms don’t have the option of taking time off after delivery. Too many have to return to work before they’ve recovered from childbirth and before they’ve had a chance to fully bond with their babies. So how can you, and every mom, help make paid family leave a reality for everyone (including dads)? By voting. Learn more about how to #MomTheVote at whattoexpect.com/momthevote, or tap the link in our bio.⁠

Join us in using the hashtag #MomTheVote throughout election season to spread the word about the importance of voting — because the power of your vote can make a meaningful difference, helping shape policies that impact the health, safety, and wellbeing of yourself and your family, your community, and the world your children will grow up in.

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Child care is considered “affordable” by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services if it costs a family no more than 7 percent of their income, but nearly two-thirds of parents spend more than that, often far more. How can you help ensure that quality child care becomes more affordable for all who need it (like it is around the world)? By voting. Learn more about how to #MomTheVote at whattoexpect.com/momthevote or tap the link in our bio. ...

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What can we do in our last days before the conclusion of the election of 2020?

If you have 17 minutes, I [Julie Neale mothersquestpod]can share 7 bite-sized messages to ✨✨light✨✨ your way! mothersquestpod

Like so many of you, I am asking myself what matters most and what I can do that can have an impact in these 7 days.

When I feel myself swirling, I remember I don’t have to figure this out alone. So, I reached out to you, fellow mothers and grandmothers, many of you activists, and asked for your words of wisdom.

In this minisode, I have 7 pieces of advice, reflections or calls to action, that we can all connect to for guidance and inspiration each day ahead.

Please join me in taking in these bite-sized words, taking action, and paying the messages forward to other mothers in your network.

I hope this episode has you, as it does me, ready to dig in, to connect to community, to engage in multiple ways, to vote for our children, to remember why this matters, to get the vote out with women of color and make sure their votes count, and to mother like an organizer.

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Together, we can do this!
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