What To Expect Project

What We Do & How We Do It

At WTEP, our whole-mom, whole-family, whole-community approach supports the world’s most vulnerable moms before, during, after pregnancy, and beyond. Using mentoring and trained peer-to-peer counseling and a supportive group approach to care that encourages open sharing and active participation, we will provide psychosocial support and relatable, empathetic, accessible information and messaging to empower, protect, sustain, guide, encourage, nourish and nurture moms.

WTEP knows and recognizes the value of highly trained, skilled health professionals providing clinical care such as doctors, midwives, and nurses. At the same time, we see a vital missing link in preconception, prenatal and postpartum care that has shown to make clinical care more effective: the mom-to-mom link.

WTEP will train moms to become professional doulas, working alongside midwives, nurses, and other health professionals to support other moms in their community through one of the most life-changing experiences.  

These trained doulas will engage expectant and new moms in supportive groups where they can ask questions, share, learn, and become empowered in their own care. These groups will meet in regularly throughout the continuum of reproductive care, guiding moms through:

Pregnancy. Childbirth. Postpartum. Nutrition. Breastfeeding. Pregnancy and postpartum depression and other mood disorders. Gender-based violence prevention and protection. Sexually Transmitted Infections prevention and protection. Preconception health. Family planning. A healthy future – and with it, a healthy community and a healthy world.