Doula Resolution

Resolved, That the Senate— (1) recognizes the important role of doulas in providing respectful, responsive care to all women, including women in underserved communities who lack access to maternal health services; (2) acknowledges that doula support services provide continuous physical and emotional support to help mothers achieve healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries and recoveries; (3) urges greater recognition for the important role that doulas play in— (A) supporting improved pregnancy, birth, and postpartum outcomes, including maternal mental health; (B) reducing health care costs and working towards the elimination of health disparities; and (C) overcoming barriers for assisting low-income women of color and women in rural areas with access to health and social supports; (4) designates the week beginning May 9, 2021, as “Doula Week” to raise awareness for, and advocate for the benefits of, doulas and the support services doulas provide; and (5) recognizes the importance of access to doula support services, especially in underserved communities.