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COVID-19 Q&A with Heidi Murkoff and Dr. Anthony Fauci

Heidi Murkoff sat down with Dr. Anthony Fauci to answer your top questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. The two discuss everything from why getting vaccinated is a safe choice for expectant parents to the best ways to keep your little ones protected.

New CDC Data: COVID-19 Vaccination Safe for Pregnant People

“CDC encourages all pregnant people or people who are thinking about becoming pregnant and those breastfeeding to get vaccinated to protect themselves from COVID-19,” said CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky. “The vaccines are safe and effective, and it has never been more urgent to increase vaccinations as we face the highly transmissible Delta variant and […]

Pregnant, Unvaccinated and Intubated: Case Surge Alarms Doctors

More young and healthy pregnant people are ending up hospitalized on ventilators, delivering babies prematurely and sometimes dying from Covid-19 during the delta-fueled spike in cases. Doctors across the country are reporting this trend, not seen in previous surges, largely in the South but also in states like California and Washington. As of Aug. 14, […]